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A larger or smaller guy-to-gal ratio may tell you whether you’re more likely to be surrounded by men or women if you are sitting in a typical bar or restaurant.

This group offers special support for divorcees coming from religious backgrounds.Whether you find yourself newly divorced, in the middle of a divorce battle, or a have been single for a long time, this group is for you.Together, these moms have created a community of love and friendship that aims to offer support, understanding, and compassion for women struggling through the same thing.It all began when health nonprofit, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, expressed concern with such apps, which are often associated with casual sex and riskier behavior.The foundation’s concern manifested into a provocative billboard campaign last fall showing silhouettes of couples with the words “Tinder” and “Chlamydia” splashed on them. But after months of talks, both parties agreed on including the health portal in the app.