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Bottle books with historical information about the makers of bottles, the processes involved in producing bottles, and the companies and individuals that purchased and utilized the bottles never loose their value, though the information may be later refined or added to by others. In the end, isn't it the history behind the bottles that intrigues we collectors (and archaeologists)?

Please note that for most of the books listed I only have the one copy listed available for sale; once it is sold it likely would be hard to replace and may not appear for sale again here for some time.

I’m afraid that I can’t answer that as there are so many variables.

Contrary to popular belief, Whisky (unlike wine) does not age in the bottle. Well, no one (usually) gets rich from old bottles of Haig Whisky.

It was probably their sentimental value that prevented them from being opened and consumed.

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This, I believe is why so many old bottles have still survived unopened.

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