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Since 2017, he has starred as the title character in Brockmire.

He also had recurring roles on the television series Mad About You and Friends, played the title character in the drama Huff (2004–2006), and appeared in the popular stage musical Spamalot.

Other than the , Chesney wrote several years earlier, there was little evidence that the two should be together.

Getty Images Entertainment Russell Brand & Katy Perry When it comes to flamboyant celebrity couples, it's hard to beat the outrageous actor/comedian Russell Brand and saucy pop music princess Katy Perry, who married in 2010.

Monty asked for Waylon back with a million dollar check, but Smithers instead settled for an “excellent” performance review. Things then went back to normal for Springfield, but what would an episode of The Simpsons be without that being the case?

Tell Us: Do you like how The Simpsons handled Smithers coming out?

When Hunt filed for divorce 17 months into the union, it was obvious their professional collaborations were more successful than their matrimonial ones.As part of the series, Azaria interviewed celebrity fathers and said Kevin Bacon offered some of the best parenting advice, telling him the various phases of a child’s life would drive him up the wall, but to remember that each phase -- whether he loved it or hated it -- would pass.Kathie Lee Gifford then suggested Azaria could star in a series focused on a mom's perspective when he and his wife decide to have a second child. Zero Days Without Heartbreak The Sunday, April 3, episode got right into the thick of it with Smithers and Mr.Burns (also Shearer) skydiving, flying by the title screen in a fantastic gag.