Dating ecuadorian men

That is why i try to go to Colombia or Brazil as often as I can.Im sure some Americans or Europeans, who have done well and stayed a short while here, will disagree with me.Although I lost one of my suitcases with the majority of my clothing, I couldn’t help but be excited and anxious to be in a foreign country.For my first month in Ecuador I was in Quito for orientation.Assuming you’ve answered “correctly” to all questions, you would be met with approval and probably more pleasant conversation.

Head south to Peru and Peruvian girls are easy – really, really easy for a gringo with just a smidgeon of game.

But my conclusion is that Ecuadorian women are the worst.

This is especially true if you are Latin or have stayed here for awhile.

Been living in Quito, Ecuador the last few years because I´ve been investing in real estate and done pretty well(also my mother was from here).

In the time I have been here, I have come to the conclusion that the worst women in the Americas are Ecuadorian or American.