Updating a firmware to format the nokia phone

As we all know Chinese mobiles are getting BIG market in India and other countries.

Here we are sharing a few secret service codes for these Chinese mobiles.

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- Improved: shows the current transfer speed (k B/s = kilobytes per second, 1k B/s = 1000bytes/s) - Improved: automatically search for Product Code after 3 seconds of inactivity, in case that the "enter" key is missing - Improved: shows the proper measure unit in the file details (Ki B = kibibytes, 1Ki B = 1024bytes) 2.8 Change-Log: - Improved: client/server transfer speed - Improved: registry is not used anymore.

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- Fixed: the welcome box containing the recent changes was not showed after an automatic update.

- Fixed: detect and removes empty server responses from the cache 2.7 Change-Log: - New: interrupted and incomplete downloads can be resumed, avoiding to download the whole file again!

- New: downloads can be temporarily paused and restored later - New: migrated to .

Solutions and tips for troubleshot NOKIA LUMIA 1320 problems.

Having smartphone with bigger LCD screen will make us fill more compatible to do anything with touch screen.