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There are activities organized for each event designed to help you engage and interact with each other and also get to know one another better.Activities at events vary and are based upon the number of those attending, who wish to participate.Men who are true gentlemen and are at least part of upper middle society. They live in very civilized safe high-tech country with strong economy.Czech men might be known for being notoriously cheap, unhygienic, chauvinistic, humourless and even mollycoddled mama’s boys.Mainly women from the Eastern countries who are looking for a man from the Western countries.

They are looking to meet new people and hopefully that special someone.

You’ll hear many things—that Czech women are all looking for a husband / after your citizenship / your money…

As a man, you will hear about the submissiveness of the Czech women.

You are invited to join us to socialize, mingle and interact with other singles in a relaxing and open environment. Singles in Prague, exists to help busy adult singles to meet and discover new people. People who, like you, share at least one thing in common.

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