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The show was not without its drama, including a few of the Black contestants discussing if she preferred to date non-Black men and racists tweets from contender Lee being revealed after he was on the show.Rachel takes our questions on dating as a Black woman while the world watches."We're made to be people who are not interesting or attractive ...and can't have that fairytale."Young minority viewers might end up watching a show like "The Bachelor" and thinking, 'I'm not good enough to get on this show, but I'm good enough to get on the show where I can beat somebody up and fight all day long,' like "Basketball Wives" or "Flavor of Love," she said.RELATED: Rachel Lindsay Cracks Under 'Pressures' of Being First Black Bachelorette as Accusations of Racial Targeting Fly How did you open yourself up to dating men of different backgrounds?Most people are meeting me for the first time on national TV.

Fifty years later, things have changed on screen and in real Rachel Lindsay made history as the show’s first Black lead.Thankfully she ultimately found her guy – which will be revealed in a few weeks.When Columbia Pictures found out what the film “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” was about, they didn’t want to do it, recalled.And they did everything they could to stop filming,” recalled, Katharine Houghton, the actress who played the female half of the America’s first on screen bi-racial couple.“They kept saying, ‘Nobody’s going to ever come and see this film.